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~ Monday, February 20th, 2012
 4:52 pm
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My 40th Birthday Pajama Party

So this weekend was my birthday party. We rented a 2 bedroom suite at the Residence Inn in Framingham (it had a full kitchen and a fireplace, even! Though the fireplace made it too hot in the room) and invited over a bunch of our friends and family to celebrate my 40th bithday pajama style.

I don't know the final count of guests because a few people brought a friend with them and I don't know if they were accounted for on the evite RSVP list. I think there were 17-18 people there total, which was a perfect fit for the size of the room. We had them bring in extra chairs so there were places to sit. I made my pasta sauce (but without the veggie crumbles I usually add, because one of my friends is gluten-free and the crumbles have gluten in them) and cheese ravioli and gluten-free pasta. I also brought chips, dip, huummus, cheese, crackers, fudge, wine, soda, and a gallon of bottled water.

Several of the guests brought food, so there was no shortage of things to eat. I made a cake and so did hnybny (hers was gluten-free and said "Happy Birthday Dan" on it, since his birthday is in just a couple of days). Melissa brought in several items of food that she got from some company so she could consider the birthday party as her cooking samples party as well (kind of like Pampered Chef, only it was a different company). The vegetarian dish she made (rice and beans) was quite good. We all got coupons from her, too.

The party started off with a game of Cards Against Humanity which we had printed out (and played) the night before with my in-laws who had come in from Atlanta. It was a fun game--very irreverent and as it describes itself on its own homepage: "Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people."

The rest of the evening involved eating lots of food, going down and sitting in the hot tub (which they kept open an hour late for us), playing other games (Dixit, Wise and Otherwise, King of Tokyo, Cockroach Poker, and something else that I didn't play so I don't remember). Much thanks to Matt who brought the games (except for Cards Against Humanity).

I had a great time and I think most everyone else had fun as well. We only had one person stay over in the suite instead of driving home, though we could have accommodated several more. My brothers and sisters in law had another room, two doors down from us, so they were close by. In the morning we all met for the hotel's free breakfast, though the breakfast room was packed, so everyone brought their food up to our suite to eat.

We had late checkout arranged, so we could have stayed until 2pm, but I think we were out of there shortly after 1pm. Carting all the food and other stuff back down to our car was the hardest part of the morning.

Dan's brother Steve and his wife, Anne, had an earlier flight so they left in their rental car before we checked out, but Will and Bonnie (Dan's other Brother and his wife) had a 5-ish flight, so they came over and hung out at our house for a while before we took them to the airport.

Sunday evening we watched a few shows on TV and then went to bed. I was feeling a little sick (I woke up Friday morning suddenly feeling rather like crap out of the blue, and I haven't felt right since) so Dan broke his long run of sleeping in my room to sleep in his room so he wouldn't catch whatever I have. I've been taking Mucinex and some dissolve-in-your-mouth pills of zincum aceticum and zincum gluconium, whatever that is. The pharmacist recommended it, so I bought it.

Dan had to go in today but I had the day off because it's President's Day. Tomorrow I go back to work.

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun--everything I had hoped for. Everyone came dressed in their pajamas (or changed into them once they arrived) and everyone seemed to have a good time. I hope I got to spend time with everyone and nobody felt neglected, but we were playing games for a lot of the time, which limits social interaction. I think people had fun though.

And of course, there are pictures. Hopefully more will be added, if any of the guests took pictures and sends them to me:

Opal's 40th Birthday Pajama Party Gallery